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Summary of Musicians:
This list is fairly accurate, but no longer actively maintained. More complete information can be found in DanceDB which has been available since October, 1998. DanceDB is not, unfortunately, specific to the Ithaca dance, but it is far more complete. Most of the links on this page have been converted to point to the equivalent DanceDB record.

Band NameMusicians HomeSince
Accidentals Laurie Hart - fiddle
Bob Berch - piano, fiddle
Ithaca &
The Amazing Azmatiks Jerry Drumheller - fiddle
Paul Viscuso - accordian
Gail Blake - guitar
Ruth Mitchell - piano
Brewster and Hart Jim Brewster - mandolin, guitar
Laurie Hart - fiddle
Contradictions Laurie Hart - fiddle
Rick Manning - fiddle, mandolin
Tom Hodgson - guitar
Dave Davies - bass
Ithaca &
Crumtown Ramblers Geo Kloppel - fiddle
Tom Gajewski - clarinet, mandolin, guitar
Rich Koski - piano, melodeons
Fools Gold Betsy Gamble - fiddle
Eric Pallant - clarinet, banjo
Paul Viscuso - accordian
1986 (x)
Gravity Hill William Coulter - guitar
Laurie Hart - fiddle
Ithaca1991 (x)
Last Call Mark Bickford - flute, banjo, accordeon
Maureen Vivino - piano
McGillicuddy's Progress Rick Manning - fiddle, mandolin
Tim - guitar
Harley Campbell - bass
Mrs. Hoggenschmidt Amy Merrill - fiddle
Peter Blue - accordians, percussion
plus others
Overland Laurie Hart - fiddle
Greg Sandell - piano
Ted Crane - bodhran, calling
Ithaca &
1987 (x)
Your Friends and Neighbors Paul Viscuso
John Dember
Jerry Drumheller
Pam Goddard
Jim Brewster
Marty Blodgett
Nancy Spero
Mark Fowler
Mai Boynton
Gail Blake
Bill Mutch
Betsy Gamble
Ted Crane
and zillions of others
Band with NO Name Jeff Folkins - concertina, ham.dulcimer
Jane Knoeck - piano, ham. dulcimer
C.W. Abbott - mandolin, guitar
Mark Dumont - flute, mandolin, guitar
Clef Hangers Margaret Mathews - piano
Mark Bagdon - fiddle
Peter Siegel - guitar, banjo, mandolin
Syracuse, etc.1995
Crusty Morons Rebecca McCallum - fiddle
Jane Knoeck - accordian, ham.dulcimer
Jeff Folkins - concertina, ham.dulcimer
Chris Degolyer - piano
C.W. Abbott - mandolin
Mark Dumont - flute, mandolin
Glen Rose Matthew Sloboda - fiddle, oboe, guitar
Nancy Sloboda - fiddle
Jim Sloboda - accordian
Rose, NY1995
Grand Picnic Michael Gorin - fiddle
Sam Zygmuntowicz - fiddle, mandolin
Jody Kruskal - concertina, percussion
Marco Brehm - bass
Bill Peek - piano
Brooklyn, NYpre-1991
Groovemongers Jane Knoeck - piano, ham. dulcimer
C.W. Abbott - mandolin
Rebecca McCallum - fiddle
Hey Diddle Diddle Howard Blumenthal - fiddle, mandolin
Anne Maroney - fiddle
Jodi Blumenthal - piano
Tom Santarsiero - mandolin, banjo
Olean, NY1997
Hommage Quebecois Rich Sobel - fiddle
Margaret Mathews - piano
Hot Foot Helen Stokoe - fiddle
Roger Polansky - banjo, mandolin
Susie Deane - piano
Poughkeepsie, NY1990?
Knuckleheads Kathy Vandemortel - fiddle
C.W. Abbott - mandolin
Kevin Deuel - guitar
Near Mrs Laurel Sharp - flute
Yvonne Rugg - fiddle
Margaret Mathews - piano
Oxymorons Rebecca McCallum - fiddle
Jeff Folkins - concertina, ham.dulcimer
Chris Degolyer - piano
Mark Dumont - flute, mandolin
Passing Fancies Jane Knoeck - piano
Dorothy Petrie - flute
Annie Simpson - guitar
Laurie Salladin - bass
Diane Murray - fiddle
Seneca Moon String Band John Thomson - fiddle, banjo, tin whistle
Gary Kline - banjo, guitar
Rick Biesanz - autoharp, harmonica
Peter Bennett - bass, whistling
Ruth Thomson - harp, guitar
Jim Murphy - ham.dulcimer, washboard, washtub
Southern Tier (NY)1986
Simple Gifts Linda Littleton - fiddle, ham.dulcimer
Karen Hirshon - fiddle, mandolin, guitar
Rachel Hall - piano, concertina
State College, PA1991?
Spare Parts Bill Matthiesen - piano
Liz Stell - flute
Pittsfield, MA1989
Tofu Snowshoe Rebecca McCallum - fiddle
Celia Wright - piano
Chuck Abell - guitar

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