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We're now holding all of our events in the Great Room at Slow Lane. Since it's our home, we'd prefer not to put the address on the web (smile). So, please call 607.273.8678 (on the day of the event, you might also try a cell number, 607.342.4109, keep trying 'cause cell coverage is not great in the hills south of Ithaca) or Email via the button below.

Here's info for a few places we've danced during the past 25 years or so...

Tiny Little Ithaca Map You can view and/or print a map one of three ways:

  • Load this .GIF image (quick and dirty) and print it
  • Check out the DanceDB entry, which includes a Mapblast map
  • Load these 4 maps w/ incremental detail and print them on a color printer [unfortunately, this map is for the old Montessori School location 8-( ]

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