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Summary of Callers:
This list is fairly accurate, but no longer actively maintained. More complete information can be found, in general, at DanceDB which has been available since October, 1998. DanceDB is not, specific to the Ithaca dance, but it is far more complete. Most of the links on this page have been converted to point to the equivalent DanceDB record.
More information about the TCCD (Ithaca) dance can also be found in DanceDB.

NameHome BaseSince
Ted CraneIthaca1979
Pamela GoddardIthaca1990
Nancy SperoIthaca1988
Katy HeineIthaca1989
Maureen VivinoIthaca1980
Vicki ArmstrongIthaca1993
Vivien RoseIthaca1992
Kathy FoxFredonia, NY?
David KaynorMontague, MA19xx
Bob NicholsonSyracuse1992
David SmuklerSyracuse1985
Margaret MathewsSyracuse1996
Wendy BurwellRochester1994
Peter BlueOneonta1978

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