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Using Mapping and Direction Services

The Great Room at Slow Lane

The postal address is "888 Comfort Road, Spencer, NY" but Slow Lane is not anywhere near Spencer. Physically, it's in Danby, NY, but we think of it as being part of Ithaca, NY.

If you're coming from Ithaca on NYS Rt.96B (Aurora Street), Slow Lane is about 7 miles south of the Ithaca Commons, past Ithaca College, perhaps 10 minutes driving.

Please note that none of the mapping/directions services take you all the way there, and they generally miss the end of the driveway, too. No big deal, just be aware of it. You can Google Map the address or you can try Bing maps.
Google leaves you at the bottom of the dip in Comfort Road (south of the end of the driveway; just back up a few hundred feet), while Bing thinks the address is out in the middle of nowhere...but Bing's directions end pretty close to the beginning of the driveway.

GPS enthusiasts: 42.3475292,-76.5112088

The Driveway at Slow Lane

The Driveway

There's a long driveway. It's easy to drive (1/3 mile) or walk (7 or 8 minutes). Just stay inside the manicured path and watch out for bunnies and deer. The deer act like they own the driveway; let them pretend, and give them the right of way. Try not to exceed 15MPH, especially if you're walking. Follow the existing tracks in the middle of the road; do not Foolishly Go Where No Fool Has Gone Before.

You'll know you're at the driveway because:

  • The driveway is about 100 yards south (downhill) from the intersection of Comfort and Lieb. North of Lieb, Comfort is paved; south of Lieb, it's dirt.
  • There's a sign that says, Slow Lane, and one that says, 888. You can ignore the sign that says, NO, it's for off-roaders, snowmobilers, and others who like to use our driveway as a shortcut to West Danby; they inevitably leave ruts in the driveway, and then they get stuck.
  • There's usually a few ribbons hanging from a nearby tree.
  • The driveway is on the west side of Comfort Road, almost directly across the street from the south end of the shed (which also has a small driveway).
  • Some folks, who opted for the 7-minute walk up the driveway, might be parked along Comfort Road.

FYI, if you're arriving after dark, it's dark out there!. The driveway is dark, too. Keep going until you see lights, about 1/3 mile.

Step-By-Step Directions

Driving the Driveway (deep snow!, from the corner of Comfort and Lieb)

Coming from the north (Ithaca) on NYS Rt.96B, you have a choice of where to join Comfort Road:

  • turn right on Comfort Road (after Ithaca College and King Road)
  • (recommended) turn right on West Miller or Gunderman Road (in Danby) and then left on Comfort
  • observe the 40MPH speed limit through Danby, then turn right (after Town Hall) on Bald Hill Road, watch for Jennings Pond (the water, not the sign) on your left, turn right on Lieb Road; then left on Comfort Road

Comfort Road changes surfacing at its intersection with Lieb Road. You'll see a tall silo at the corner. Go about 100 yards south on the dirt part of Comfort and the "888" and "Slow Lane" signs become visible on the right. Head down the driveway, either on foot or in your car. Yes, Slow Lane surrounds the corner of Comfort and Lieb. It's pretty obvious when you arrive during daylight hours.

Coming from the south (Owego, Candor) on 96B, turn left on Bald Hill Road just after you enter Danby, then follow directions above.

Arriving from the northwest (Trumansburg, Geneva, Rochester), find your way to NYS Rt.13 (Meadow Street) and take it south, past the plastic food strip, to Sandbank Road. Left on Sandbank, up the hill, then right at the Tee to West King Road, right at another Tee to Comfort Road. Go a couple miles (pass Miller and Gunderman), see above.

From the southwest (Spencer, Waverly, Corning), ouch.

  • Station Road off of NYS Rt.34/96 in West Danby is very direct but can be lousy driving.
    If you want to try it, Station Road; bear left on Bald Hill Road, left on Comfort Road (easy to miss), thru the dip, left into driveway
  • Don't even think about Bruce Hill Road unless you're into adventure
  • Blakeslee Hill Road is further but a lot better.
    go all the way to the top, then continue on West Jersey Hill Road, and then go right at the Tee to West King Road, see above.

The Day The Roof Went On (a bit long, skip 2:20-6:30)

Car Pooling

We encourage car pooling! There's room for 20+ cars to park near the house, plus random spots along the driveway, plus unlimited parking at the road. If you're inclined to park out by the road, the seven-minute walk down the driveway is very relaxing, really! For what it's worth, car poolers can take advantage of the the park-and-ride lot (and TCAT bus stop) at the corner of NYS Rt.96B and Gunderman Road.

Arriving and Parking

Parking around the far side of the house (8-10 cars), in front of the solar arrays (another 8-10 cars), and in other spots, too. Don't park in the mud; you're smarter than that. Early arrivals: please park 'round the far side, next to our cars. Late arrivals: don't worry about blocking in other cars.

Even when the winds are howling outside, it's warm inside. Please brush your feet on the deck before you enter.

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