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01 Letter Writing For almost two months, we were out of touch 02-SEP-1999 12:50:40.86
02 Worried? The track meet during Olympics was one of the 05-SEP-1999 02:42:24.34
03 Slide 03 (Jack Kartsch)   12-SEP-1999 01:13:09.65
04 Photo Manipulation These images are from my Kodalith period. 02-SEP-1999 23:24:27.14
05 Mugging for the Camera An in-your-face kind of person. 02-SEP-1999 18:22:11.43
06 Golden Halo Always wearing a golden halo (1972). 02-SEP-1999 18:21:21.73
07 During the Fall Tall trees seem the perfect setting for Nancy. 21-SEP-1999 21:28:57.47
08 Robe of Many Colors Yes, he really was that thin, but he only wore 21-JUL-1999 12:15:47.78
09 Camp Animals The camp animals never lacked for attention. 12-SEP-1999 20:15:14.07
10 Storytime Storytime with Evy. 19-SEP-1999 22:06:45.16
11 Judges Poster An indication of the artistic skills of campers 17-JUL-1999 23:39:48.52
12 Eyes Wide...Shut Catching a ball does not require open eyes. 05-SEP-1999 03:01:08.57
13 Don't Look Back Ever the clown, George could spot a camera from hundreds 17-JUL-1999 23:40:21.78
14 Can I Get Off Now? Getting on the ski lift is frightening. 16-JUN-2003 10:33:52.39
15 Hiking on Hunter Mountain During the annual camp visit to Hunter Mountain in 1970, 23-OCT-1999 15:53:09.49
16 Aerial View of Hunter Camp This is what it looked like, coming down on 02-SEP-1999 12:17:39.66
17 Hoops Cancelled Due to Rain The summer of 1969 was memorable for several reasons: 02-SEP-1999 13:08:01.71
18 Road Trip! (1969) The camp was a wetland, so we had to go on outings. 21-SEP-1999 22:54:14.66
19 Sun Child When the sun was out, Ruth was out sunning herself. 02-SEP-1999 13:09:46.07
20 Sun and Water The Maintaindale pool had a famously shallow shallow end. 29-SEP-1999 17:03:51.91
21 Height and Hair Robbie finally got to be as tall as Miriam. 23-JUL-1999 11:33:43.72
22 Light and Dark, Long and Short As small as the Mountaindale campus was, there was always room 30-JUL-1999 21:22:34.74
23 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Debbie Rosen became the unoffical camp barber. 30-AUG-1999 01:09:46.76
24 Purity and Innocence A few campers, mostly younger, were always glowing 21-SEP-1999 20:38:43.55
25 Ooooooh-WEH, baby. Oooooh-WEH, baby. 02-SEP-1999 23:25:43.06
26 Just Pooling Around Big Al ran the pool in 1971. 11-SEP-1999 22:08:44.65
27 More Poolish Moves

The younger campers couldn't resist

21-SEP-1999 21:41:06.85
28 Waiting to Swim This was a rare sight during the summer of 1972. 08-SEP-1999 21:36:17.40
29 Warming Up the Water If the water is cold, you have to warm up first. 10-SEP-1999 19:19:50.69
30 European Culture I don't recall saying more than a few words to 05-SEP-1999 19:19:25.76
31 I'm hot, I'm hot! No, I'm cold, I'm cold! I'm reminded of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, in which 26-JUL-1999 15:30:29.96
32 Softball in Mountaindale Softball was one of the few 05-SEP-1999 05:59:53.56
33 Volleyball in Mountaindale Volleyball was never very competitive 31-JAN-2000 22:30:51.25
34 Girls Basketball The basketball court at Mountaindale featured a night 29-JUL-1999 09:59:54.71
35 Going Gaga! More fun than ice hockey, safer than stock car racing, 31-JAN-2000 14:03:21.00
36 Paddleball The Mountaindale paddleball court grew in popularity 02-OCT-1999 22:06:25.20
37 Soccer Soccer in Mountaindale was always an uphill battle 02-OCT-1999 21:57:40.70
38 Megilla Lider Who could forget the Migilla Lider, the visiting day play 18-JUL-1999 15:43:25.50
39 Theater The Hemshekh theater productions spared no 08-SEP-1999 00:06:11.08
40 The Piano Man Over the years, Zalmen tried everything to 05-SEP-1999 01:48:35.79
41 The Chorus Every Camp occasion featured singing. 16-JUN-2003 11:14:05.39
42 Which Way Did It Go? They're really headed the same way, they just don't know it yet. 11-SEP-1999 22:12:58.40
43 Mountaindale Dining Room The dining room was never this orderly. I can't 19-SEP-1999 21:58:35.06
44 Bored Stiff Imagine yourself on a desert island... 18-JUL-1999 05:10:53.90
45 Never Bored Some people are seldom bored. Phyllis always seemed to 29-JUL-1999 21:07:48.59
46 Not bored at all, just reading There was always time to read a few chapters. 29-JUL-1999 21:06:45.11
47 Clowning Around One of the great things about Hemshekh was that 26-JUL-1999 00:46:15.86
48 Play Acting The incessant role playing and play acting was 21-SEP-1999 22:54:47.69
49 Yiddish Theater My experience at Hemshekh led to a few unusual job opportunities. 18-JUL-1999 19:21:00.15
50 Instamatic on the Loose The every-ready instamatic is on the loose, 21-SEP-1999 21:23:06.18
51 Sneezy At least, we hope he's sneezing! 02-SEP-1999 17:23:02.85
52 Velvet Painting Those big brown eyes... 03-SEP-1999 11:02:41.17
53 The Telephone Booth One of the camp administrators felt 02-SEP-1999 17:18:28.29
54 Passing the Time Sometimes, you just have to watch the world go by. 06-SEP-1999 02:04:42.99
55 Pigtails and Sunny Smiles   07-SEP-1999 22:41:02.32
56 Sunshine and Moonshine Ordinary, mild-mannered campers during the daytime 30-SEP-1999 23:05:17.47
57 The Mayfair The Mayfair "Hotel", next door to the Hunter campsite, was 27-JUL-1999 21:54:35.59
58 North of the Border There were a few other strange accents at camp in addition 26-JUL-1999 14:59:57.01
59 Shades of Gray Jo could put so many levels of gray into an idea. 12-SEP-1999 00:54:42.69
60 Under the Old Milk Tree Nothing could beat chocolate chips and fresh-poured 02-OCT-1999 21:26:53.12
61 In Front of the Bush Framed by the bushes in front of the girls bunks, 12-SEP-1999 20:33:21.81
62 Behind the Bush Behind the bushes, the bunks were sometimes a little bit dark. 16-JUN-2003 11:26:44.71
63 Looking Up and Out Given a group, intent on a mutual interest; 16-SEP-1999 10:54:59.83
64 The 12-foot Scarf Late evenings, itinerant women would sit on the porches 12-OCT-1999 21:51:36.81
65 Lonely at the Top There was at least one lonely job at camp. 21-SEP-1999 20:29:39.76
66 First Sign on the Road After a short ride from New York City, this sign 02-OCT-1999 21:28:32.69
67 The Camp Entrance The old stone pillars are missing, the pavement 02-OCT-1999 21:29:27.03
68 The Dining Hall The only above-ground structure remaining from Camp Hemshekh 02-SEP-1999 18:57:41.65
69 Down to the Pool Taken from the site of the old infirmary, this photograph 02-SEP-1999 18:57:27.23
70 Enter the Dining Hall Not only have the multi-paned glass doors been replaced, 02-SEP-1999 18:55:29.20
71 Dining Hall: Now and Then Ignore the keg of Bud.

02-SEP-1999 18:57:30.62
72 Don't Eat and Swim! I used to see this view several times a day, 02-SEP-1999 18:57:31.73
73 Drained and Even Less Appetizing The pool retains most of its blue paint, but has become 02-SEP-1999 18:57:32.73
74 New Growth The lower sports field (never much used in the first place) 02-SEP-1999 18:57:33.59
75 Mir Kumen On, Twice a Day Twice a day, we all gathered at the Khavershaft Platz 13-MAY-2000 21:20:38.65
76 Moments of Motion Jay's stomach punches looked very real, but never seemed 12-SEP-1999 00:57:03.46
77 Moments of Reflection There was always time for a quiet chat, and the ongoing 16-JUN-2003 11:19:53.06
78 Waiting with Anticipation Most evenings were spent in the Social Hall, the Casino. 02-SEP-1999 15:51:08.60
79 Yaddah, Dada, Dada, Break Out! When you least expect it,
05-SEP-1999 19:11:53.38
80 Visiting Day Twice every summer, the relatives and the committee 16-SEP-1999 10:49:34.54
81 The 10-Foot Pole Apologies in advance. What was funny in '68 might be 05-SEP-1999 01:58:21.79
82 Home of all the Square Pegs The Specialty Cabin, neatly tucked inbetween the sports 02-OCT-1999 21:34:39.34
83 All Play and No Work Thoughtfully placed in front of the Dining Room, 16-JUN-2003 11:50:50.18
84 Before Opening Day Unlike some camps, where the campers are all bussed 16-SEP-1999 10:50:07.66
85 The Master of Cool If you were looking for cool, you'd have to 06-SEP-1999 02:24:48.06
86 Down Under, Under Down Charles Roger, a.k.a. Sluggo, was a visiting 08-SEP-1999 21:35:27.54
87 O.D. ! O.D.! "O.D." was camp slang for "on duty", but it 19-SEP-1999 22:00:03.96
88 Funky Chicken Before Hemshekh, I attended a "mainstream" summer 07-JAN-2000 20:52:20.37
89 Miscellany Here's a few more photos, without comment 21-SEP-1999 21:52:41.44

Ted's photos are from Camp Hemshekh (1965..1972)
unless labelled otherwise.
©1999 Ted Crane

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