Twelfth Night Celebration

What:Songs, Stories, Mummer's Play, and Munchies
Where:Unitarian Universalist Church
corner of Buffalo and Aurora Streets
When:Saturday, January 3, 1998, 7:30pm
How Much:Donation to share the cost of the room.

Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes it brings good cheer! Here in Ithaca there has been a tradition of stretching the holiday season to its utmost, with a community Twelfth Night Story-telling.

What's a Twelfth Night Story-telling? It's a celebration of merry making, imagination, mis-rule, and much community sharing. Story-sharing might be a better description. Ithacans tell stories to each other. The best stories come from the most unlikely tellers!

We will be interrupted by an outrageous Mummer's Play telling the old story of the triumph of magic, light over darkness, life over death. Then follows the pageantry of choosing and crowning the Monarch of Twelfth Night, when the Lord or Lady of Mis-rule reads the (scripted, sigh) proclamation for 1998.

Bring a snack, munchies or dessert to share. The array of food is always a wonder. Bring a couple of dollars to share the cost of the room. And definitely bring the family - children of all ages are welcome. For more info, call Phil Shapiro at 844-4535.

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